2 degenerates from Cincinnati talking crap about whatever weird stuff they want to talk about in the moment.


The guys are joined in studio by the Hairy Guy and GetPussy69.  Hairy Guy pays up on his bet by letting the guys take turns poorly waxing his chest.  

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Join your friendly neighborhood deviants for a trip into the gutter.  Jason is the lone cracker at the segregated Terry's Turf Club table. Chris is pissed off at gold covered food and Jason really hates Salt Bae. A local leprechaun stops by to address St. Patricks Day. The guys argue about Dumbo, Dr Seuss, and cancel culture but in the end, neither actually give a shit. Papa John Schnatter has spent the last 20 months trying to stop saying the N-word and Jimmy John Liautaud loves killing exotic animals. We discuss our preference between tw*t and c*nt and then vagina shame Hope Solo once again. All that and much more so put down your crack pipe (or pick it up) and tune in to another week of utter non-sense.

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Join the guys for another week of nonsense. Chris doesn't like big butts. Jason hates when Chris tries to beat box. The guys discuss the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees. They argue about the east side and west side of Cincinnati but agree that Kentucky sucks and Indiana is worse. Ron Johnson is an asshole. Taco Bell sucks but Jason can't give up on their food. Chris is scared to eat a mucus plug. Jason informs Chris that young women probably think he's creepy when he calls them sweetheart. Lebron and black people don't pick the Jazz while playing videogames. Who was more intimidating in person: Yasiel Puig or Vontez Burfict. All that and much more so put down your fleshlight and join the fun this week.

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February 28, 2021

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 67

The guys are joined in the studio by Whoopi and Ryan.  

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February 22, 2021

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 66

Join the guys to talk about all the hot topics of the last couple of week.  Ronnie Carter calls in to discuss reparations and Jason can't wait for his hand out.  Chris is the proud owner of a cock ring.  Ted Cruz and some old woman at a west side Speedway are the assholes of the week.  Does masturbation hand preference determine the curve of your dong?  Marchete stops by to talk about the recent death pool results and puts odds on the upcoming putt putt death match between Getpussy69 and the Hairy Guy.  Is there a Guinness Book World Record for how many q-tips have been stuck in a booty-hole?  Should there be?  Should it be Chris?  All that and much more this week on Cincinnati's most decadent podcast, Shut Up Cincinnati!

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February 10, 2021

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 65

Join the guys to discuss all the important issues of the week.  Chris knows a guy who puts a barbell in his pee hole as birth control.  Jason tries to sell his brand new puppy for a quick 150 dollar profit.   Chris is called out by a balding Bulgarian at a local super spreader Super Bowl party  for having the worst feet ever.  You're an idiot if you think Tom Brady isn't the greatest ever.  Ugly brides do exist and Joe Biden better give me my money.  All that and much more.  Give your hamster a break for the night and join us for a giggle or two.  

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Miggy and Matt join the guys for round 2 of the hot wing challenge.  This time around Miggy made all of the sauces and our buttholes are going to be singing some hot blues in the morning. Chris gets sauce in his eye and looks like a goof freaking out about it.  Jason wonders if its creepy to check out nude actresses pretending to be dead in movies.  Chris reads classified posts from his kinky sex forum  All that and much more.  Tell your uncle to stop whispering in your ear and join us.  

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Join the fellas to talk about penis curves, football, and where to discard of your used rubbers.  

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