2 degenerates from Cincinnati talking crap about whatever weird stuff they want to talk about in the moment.

August 3, 2020

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 42

Join Chris and Jason for another week of vulgarity and rude humor.  Jason is taking his family to go see a Hurricane in Virginia.  Chris is trying to make a mold of his wee-wee and hang it on the wall behind Jason who is having none of it.  The guys talk about the local news that Covid 19 only strikes if you have a drink in hand after 10pm and how Baseball may be screwed.   A bit of herpes discussion was bound to take place but is that worse than anal warts?  Ellen and Tom Hanks are apparently up to some pedo shenanigans in Flat Earth country.  We talk Bill Cosby's eating habits and how fast we'd run away from a giant clit.   We address that bloke over in England who is growing a penis out of his arm and much more rubbish.  Zip up your pants for a bit and join us for a nice talk.  

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