2 degenerates from Cincinnati talking crap about whatever weird stuff they want to talk about in the moment.

September 21, 2020

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 49

Join your local boners to talk about all things important in the world today.  Chris is getting hair pills but his UPS driver is an asshole.  Jason teaches you how to ask a lady if you can drink milk out of her butt in a different language.  The guys discuss the proper amount of fingers to use while finger banging.  Everyone gets a good laugh out of Nancy Pelosi seeming to forget she's being interviewed mid-interview.   The fellas discuss how'd they react to seeing skidmarks in the toilet while on a date with a lady at her home.  All of that and we still find time to shit on Mitch McConnell and talk Cincinnati sports.  Go grab yourself a yogurt and enjoy, you deserve it!

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