2 degenerates from Cincinnati talking crap about whatever weird stuff they want to talk about in the moment.

February 22, 2021

Shut Up Cincinnati - Ep. 66

Join the guys to talk about all the hot topics of the last couple of week.  Ronnie Carter calls in to discuss reparations and Jason can't wait for his hand out.  Chris is the proud owner of a cock ring.  Ted Cruz and some old woman at a west side Speedway are the assholes of the week.  Does masturbation hand preference determine the curve of your dong?  Marchete stops by to talk about the recent death pool results and puts odds on the upcoming putt putt death match between Getpussy69 and the Hairy Guy.  Is there a Guinness Book World Record for how many q-tips have been stuck in a booty-hole?  Should there be?  Should it be Chris?  All that and much more this week on Cincinnati's most decadent podcast, Shut Up Cincinnati!

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